Technical data

The Wilhelmsburg Tank Farm currently has 22 tanks, 14 of which are operated with a total volume of approx. 35,000 m³ in tank fields 1 and 2. These tanks have nominal capacities of 500 m³ to 6,000 m³. 8 tanks with 5,000 m³ capacity each (total nominal volume 40,000 m³) in tank field 7 will be available in 2018 after a general overhaul.

All tanks are made of carbon steel. Loading and discharge lines are in part made of stainless steel. Some tanks are lined with epoxy resin on the inside, heated with warm water and insulated. Each tank has a separate pump for discharge. Some lines are equipped with a mixer jet for blending two liquids or with an additive device, for example for dyeing mineral oil.

A high-performance monitoring system controls the operation of the tank farm. Our tank farm is equipped with all the necessary systems in order to guarantee safe operation and prevent environmental damage.