Our equipment

The equipment of the Wilhelmsburg Tank Farm meets the most demanding standards. Today’s requirements in the areas of facility safety as well as environmental protection and employee health and safety are very important to us and are met with the most modern technology.

We have continuously updated and expanded our equipment since 2007 – for example with new electrical, measuring and control technologies, modern vehicle scales, new filling stations and new piping. The tank farm also includes modernized office and team buildings with a control room.



We possess a total tank volume of approximately 74,000 cubic meters and offer flexible storage and discharge options. The trimodal accessibility is of high significance – the tank farm is accessible by water, rail and road. Therefore Hamburg's existing expansive logistical network with many national and international connections can be used in several different ways.


The tank farm is currently connected to the sea-going vessel and barge dock of the neighboring company Halterman Carless through 3 separate transfer lines. The loading and discharge capacities currently reach up to 300 t/h, depending on the product. The dock is suitable for sea-going vessels up to 230 meters in length with a draft of 9 meters as well as for barges.


The loading and unloading of rail tank cars is carried out on a calibrated scale on our premises. The rail facilities allow for a train length of approximately 100 meters. Block trains can be served by dividing the train into several sections on the transfer track of the port railway. The transfer track is located immediately outside the tank farm site.


Tank trucks and containers are loaded and discharged at 2 filling stations using the bottom loading process. When discharging, the pump of the tank truck is used or it is emptied by air pressure. A calibrated scale is used for exact determination of the mass. For loading normed diesel fuel, we provide a calibrated volumetric measuring section with loading arm (DN 100).